Reconditioned Hybrid Battery vs. Cell Replacement

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Reconditioned Hybrid Battery vs. Cell Replacement


What are your options when your hybrid battery fails?

When your hybrid battery fails you have a few options. The two main options, If you don’t want to pay the heavy price tag for a brand new battery, are cell replacement (replacing a few problem cells and hoping for the best) or replacing the entire battery with a reconditioned one.

Most hybrid batteries aren’t one big battery, but a pack, made up of up to 20-40 individual modules or cells inside. Cell Swapping or Cell Replacement, involves replacing one or two of these individual modules in hopes that this will clear the warnings on the dash, and get you back on the road. This DIY option to repair your hybrid battery might be the cheapest, but is definitely not the easiest and it is almost always short lived. This is because the rest of the cells, that are the same age and have the same wear and tear as the cell that failed, remain in the battery pack. Cell swapping is essentially a game of whack-a-mole…fixing one cell now, and then another (and then another & another & another) when it fails down the road.

Cell Swapping might fix things in the short term, but can result in an unbalanced battery pack in the long term, and the biggest chance for more issues in the future. Because during a cell swap, you have to ensure all the modules, (including the ones you’re replacing) match the capacity and voltage of the existing ones in the pack. If all the modules aren’t matched properly, the pack will not be balanced, and you’ll end up paying for another cell failure. So while this band-aid approach might seem tempting at first, it’ll end up costing more in the long run if you have to do it again and again.

The other more sensible option, is to buy a fully reconditioned hybrid battery from Green Bean Battery. All of our premium reconditioned hybrid batteries are put through a multi-step reconditioning process, which results in a well balanced and perfectly matched hybrid battery that will last for many years to come!

During our proprietary reconditioning process, we load test the battery and identify its current state of health. The battery is then disassembled, and the modules or cells are exercised on Green Bean’s equipment, which restores their ability to store electrical energy. The modules are then tested, where their capacities are determined, and they’re grouped with other modules of similar power and capacity. After a final charge and testing of the modules, the battery is then built around the good cells. The remaining electrical and wiring components are checked, reconditioned, and tested to ensure proper operation. The battery connections or “Bus Bars” are upgraded with a nickel plating to prevent corrosion, and to ensure top performance and long battery life. And finally, the entire battery pack is reassembled and load tested in its entirety.

In this video about our reconditioning process we will show our hybrid battery test, hybrid battery cells, hybrid battery reconditioning & show you why our process results in a well balanced and perfectly matched reconditioned hybrid battery.


So when your hybrid battery fails, you really only need one option! Green Bean’s premium reconditioned hybrid batteries are also a great alternative to a brand new one, because they’re nearly half the cost. And then, we come to you, replace your battery with a reconditioned one, and cover it all with our Green Bean Warranty!

Ready to get a Green Bean Reconditioned Hybrid Battery?



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