All you need to know about Hybrid Battery Reconditioning

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All you need to know about Hybrid Battery Reconditioning


What is Hybrid Battery Reconditioning?

Hybrid Battery Reconditioning, combines the charging and balancing process, with deep discharging, to reverse the aging process and recondition the battery. By doing so, this process breaks down crystal formations and voltage depressions, which form in the NiMh battery’s modules or cells.


How do you Recondition Hybrid Batteries?

Creating a reliable, reconditioned hybrid battery, is what sets Green Bean Battery apart from everyone else. When Green Bean takes the old hybrid battery out of your vehicle, we take it back to one of our two reconditioning facilities, and put it through our proprietary reconditioning process. The process begins with load testing the battery and identifying its current overall state of health. The battery is then disassembled, and the battery modules or cells are exercised on Green Bean’s equipment, which restores their ability to store electrical energy. The modules are then tested, where their capacities are determined, and they’re grouped with other modules of similar power and capacity. After a final charge and testing of the modules, the battery is then built around the good cells. The remaining electrical and wiring components are checked, reconditioned, and tested to ensure proper operation. The battery connections or “Bus Bars” are upgraded with a nickel plating to prevent corrosion, and to ensure top performance and long battery life. And finally, the entire battery pack is reassembled and load tested in its entirety. Simulating the same demands on the pack as real world driving. Every Green Bean battery must meet stringent performance standards before it can be installed in your vehicle!

Here at Green Bean Battery, we have not only developed a process for reconditioning the batteries, but built the equipment to do it too. We designed the technology, wrote the software from scratch, and built all the reconditioning equipment in house. In this video about our hybrid battery reconditioning process we will show our hybrid battery test, hybrid battery cells, hybrid battery reconditioning & show you why our process results in a well balanced and perfectly matched reconditioned hybrid battery.


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