Why Do Hybrid Batteries Fail?

by | Dec 11, 2019 | Hybrid Battery Reconditioning


Why do hybrid batteries fail?


Why do Hybrid Batteries Fail Over Time?

One of the main reasons hybrid batteries fail over time, is because the cells or modules inside deteriorate at different rates. Most hybrid batteries are not just one big battery, but a pack, made up of up to 20-40 individual modules inside. Since the hybrid battery is made up of all these smaller modules, it is very common for them to deteriorate at different rates.This uneven deterioration results in an unbalanced battery pack and that imbalance is one of the driving forces behind an eventual hybrid battery failure. The imbalance is also a slippery slope, because once the pack gets unbalanced, it’ll deteriorate faster than one that is evenly matched.


Perfectly Balanced Hybrid Batteries

Green Bean Battery understands this issue and uses a testing process to ensure our reconditioned batteries are properly balanced and matched. What makes a Green Bean hybrid battery different is our proprietary reconditioning process. Our process begins with load testing the battery and identifying the current overall hybrid battery state of health. The battery is then disassembled, and the battery modules are exercised on Green Bean’s equipment; which restores their ability to store electrical energy. The modules are then tested, where their capacities are determined and they’re grouped with other modules of similar power and capacity. This profiling step is critical and ensures your battery pack will consist of only high capacity modules with similar characteristics! After a final charge and testing of the modules, the battery is then built around the good cells and load tested in its entirety. This multi-step reconditioning process results in a well balanced and perfectly matched hybrid battery that will last for many years to come!

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