Podcast Feature

Who is Thrive Co-Living? Who is Thrive Co-Living Communities, Inc. you might ask? They are an organization working to provide a concrete solution to the growing sense of isolation and despair that is leading to depression, addiction, and suicide among many sectors of the U.S. population. Thrive Co-Living promotes and supports the development of abandoned big-box stores into sustainable co-living communities, offering the exact balance of independent living and co-living experience that each resident member desires.

Why did they choose to feature Green Bean? Mark Stein, the founder of Thrive Co-Living, is a customer of Green Bean Battery. He purchased a reconditioned Toyota Prius hybrid battery a couple of years back. He was so excited and passionate about what we were doing and the great experience he had with our product and service that he invited us to speak on their podcast. Given we both have the same mission to create a more sustainable environment it seemed like a perfect match.

More about the Podcast: Featured on the episode is Arin! He is our technical expert and manages our Warranty Department. Arin has been with Green Bean Battery for 4 years and understands the technical aspects of hybrid batteries and automotive systems. During the interview, he speaks on topics such as our mission, installation process, our 5-star customer service, and much more. Creating both a reliable and affordable reconditioned hybrid battery is truly what sets Green Bean Battery apart from everyone else.