What makes us better and different than the other hybrid battery remanufactures?

Proprietary Process – Our process was borne out of necessity. Our CEO ran auto repair shops in southern California and originally installed aftermarket reconditioned hybrid batteries from the big box auto parts vendors. Lets just call them the orange batteries in the wooden shipping crates and the black batteries in the plastic shipping containers. There was an immediate challenge when using the orange and black reconditioned batteries; The batteries took 2 days to receive and 80% of them were defective right out of the shipping crate or within 90 days of installation.

This disappointing performance of the orange and black batteries led us to develop a proprietary testing process to ensure the batteries that we received were actually good and stood a chance to live through their warranty period. Applying the testing process only resulted in uncovering more and more bad batteries right out of the shipping container.

The decision was made to develop a remanufacturing process, testing process, and live in-vehicle testing to remove our dependence on the orange and black batteries.

Proprietary Equipment – Our reconditioning and testing equipment was designed by us to meet our own specifications and ensure that we are able to meet stringent demands pertaining to charging, discharging, current control, temperature control, and load testing. Having the ability to create and monitor our own charging and discharging parameters means that we are able to provide the highest quality of reconditioned modules and hybrid battery packs. As batteries evolve and age we can meet the needs of any Nickel Metal-hydride Battery.

Live in vehicle testing – All modules are tested in a live vehicle to ensure that they can meed the load demands that only a real vehicle can impose on the battery modules. All battery reconditioning equipment is limited to the amount of power that it can handle and that means that battery modules cannot be fully tested unless they are in a live vehicle.

Most battery reconditioning systems are limited to approximately 30 Amps of current capacity and only test the modules individually. Live in-vehicle testing ensures that the modules perform as an entire pack with up to 160 Amps Load for an extended timeframe as demanded by the vehicle.

Live in-vehicle testing also capitalizes on the onboard diagnostic capabilities of the Hybrid Battery ECU and the many parameters that can be monitored. When our batteries pass a successful in-vehicle test you can be certain that it is ready to perform during and beyond the warranty period.