How to love your hybrid again

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How to love your hybrid again


Regain your vehicle’s mileage and performance

Remember all the reasons you bought your hybrid vehicle and fell in love with it in the first place??

  • high miles per gallon
  • low emissions
  • save $$ on gas
  • overall efficiency

Well, now it’s 7-10 years down the road, and you’re probably thinking more about the cons these days…

  • maintenance is more expensive
  • battery replacement is coming soon
  • will I be able to resell my car if the battery is bad?

Even if your hybrid battery is still functioning somewhat normally, it might be showing signs of wear and tear. Some of the signs that your hybrid battery is failing might be:

  • loss of power and torque 
  • battery drains quickly
  • poor mileage
  • engine runs all the time

And if some of those signs make you a little nervous… you do a little internet research, and find out that a new replacement battery for your 7-10 year old vehicle might cost $3,000 to $5,000!!

But don’t give up hope! There’s still time to fan the flames and fall in love with your hybrid again. Here’s how:


  1. Call us or make an appointment below!  Our premium reconditioned hybrid batteries are a great alternative to the dealership and are nearly half the cost.
  2. Regain your resale value.  All of our hybrid batteries also come with a fully transferable lifetime warranty.  Which means you can sell your vehicle (if you want to) without worry.
  3. Get your MPG Back.  With our perfectly matched reconditioned hybrid battery packs, you’ll start seeing those high mileage numbers again.  
  4. Go Green again.  Now that the hybrid battery is sharing the load, your engine won’t have to run as much and you’ll be eco-friendly again!

Ready to get a Green Bean Reconditioned Hybrid Battery?



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