The modules in your Green Bean Battery go through rigorous testing and quality control checks before one of our friendly Installers come out to install your new battery. All of our modules are extensively reconditioned through our proprietary technology to achieve a similar capacity as new OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) cells or modules. The modules are tested to see what their capacities are and are then grouped with similar capacity modules. The modules are, then, load-tested to ensure they can handle a vehicle’s load. Then the exciting part – a new battery is built around them! Once the battery is produced, the entire battery pack is scanned and is load tested, again, to ensure that you receive the best quality remanufactured battery. Take a look at all of our satisfied customers. 

What does it mean to upgrade the ECU?

During our production process, our team will also fix and upgrade the Hybrid Electronic Control Unit (Hybrid ECU). In doing so, we remedy any bad connections, verify the integrity of the circuit board, repair any damaged solder joints, and replace any bent or corroded pins. The final step in this process is to do a final test to ensure the ECU is communicating properly with the rest of the parts.

How can I extend the Lifetime of my Green Bean Battery?

Like the original battery from your manufacturer, the lifespan of your Green Bean battery will depend largely on how you use your car. Over the years, aggressive acceleration and long idle times can diminish the overall lifespan of your battery. The battery needs to be cycled through the normal operation of the vehicle in order to remain charged. Similarly, leaving your car parked and not driving it frequently will also diminish the performance of the battery over time. Frequent discharging of that battery will decrease its lifespan, as well. All of our batteries come with a standard 3-Year Unlimited Mileage Warranty, but you can upgrade to our popular Lifetime Unlimited Mileage Warranty.