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2006-2007 Highlander Hybrid 

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Highlander hybrid battery

Learn about our hybrid battery reconditioning process

Before Reconditioning

  • Each colored line represents an individual module (or cell) inside the failed hybrid battery.
  • Lines of different lengths represent different capacities of the modules.
  • Having many different length lines and especially many short lines means the battery was etremely out-of-balance with several bad modules.

What our equipment tells us

During Reconditioning

The reconditioning process is separated into several steps. These steps all use different equipment to achieve different goals.

  • Cycling – Restores capacity and stress-tests the modules to eliminate weak modules or modules that may be nearing end of life.
  • Profiling – Precision measurement of the modules is conducted to classify determine the important parameters of the modules.
  • Final testing – Testing the final product under high load ensures that the reconditioning process results in a well balanced and matched hybrid battery pack.

What our equipment tells us

After Reconditioning

  • After the reconditioning process every battery pack will consist of only high capacity modules with similar characteristics (Capacity, Resistance, etc).
  • The graph shows all modules of similar high capacity which indicates a well balanced battery with matched modules.

What our equipment tells us

We offer replacement hybrid batteries for Toyota, Lexus, Nissan, Chevrolet, and GMC vehicles.

Here is a list of the makes and models that we offer fully remanufactured hybrid batteries including new and upgraded/remanufactured parts:

2004-2015 Prius     2007-2014 Camry

2011-2013 CT200H     2013 ES300H

2007-2011 Altima

2008-2013 Tahoe

2008-2013 Yukon     2008-2013 Denali     2008-2013 Sierra

Highlander Hybrid Battery

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