A great year!

What made 2021 a successful year?

In CY 21, Green Bean Battery Company procured and repurposed a total of nearly 40,000 Nickel Metal Hydride  (NiMH)  Hybrid Vehicle Battery (HVB) cores (39,528) and nearly 1,000 (886) aftermarket battery packs.  We sourced from very diverse suppliers to include major salvage yards, municipalities, and small independent vendors.  In each case, every part was carefully examined and each component was reconditioned for future use whenever possible.  Every module that passed the initial connectivity and visual inspection was reconditioned on our proprietary charging machines for use in a refurbished battery.  

Recycling process

For those modules and parts that did not pass our rigorous testing, Green Bean recycled all available materials responsibly.  In CY 21, Green Bean Battery Company processed an additional 35,000 lbs (35,755) pounds of scrap material and recycled over 200,000 lbs (201,600 lbs) of NiMH modules which did not meet our quality standards for further use.  

Sales highlights

Our total sales for CY 21 was 8011 units across the United States.

39528 total cores 2021

886 total 40 pack HD’s 2021

35,755 lbs of scrap 2021

72 XMod Crates for ~201,600 lbs of XMods 2021

8011 total units sold